Glazed Potato Doughnuts Eyeshadow VEGAN NEW


Released 11/21/18  Part of the Food of the 1970’s Part 2: Stay For Dessert

So Blue.  So Frosty.  This is my version of that staple eyeshadow of the era.  Worn by everyone for any reason, it was universal.

This donut recipe?  WTF.   I guess this was back when potatoes were considered good for you.

Eyeshadow 1.5g by weight in a 5g jar. No sifter.
Please test on a small area in case allergies occur.

Eye Model : BiohazardousBeauty





mica, tin oxide, titanium dioxide,
blue #1 lake,
hydrogenated polyisobutene,
palmitic acid, ultramarines,
magnesium myristate


Additional information

Weight .03 kg


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