Everything Looks Better On A Meat Hook Eyeshadow VEGAN


So this is totally my new favorite color!  I couldn’t decide if it should be in the red group or the brown group, so keep that in mind…it could go either way!

Kind of a brown plum that rubs down maroon.  Green shift.

So this is all about taxidermy, if you’re not into that kind of thing, or have your boss over your shoulder or whatever.

The color name was inspired by my pal Megan at Asylum Artwork.  She has the greatest hashtags in the world on her IG account.  I just  had to “borrow” this one 🙂

Not only is she amazing at preserving animals in all different ways, she’s a devoted animal lover and pet parent to animals that are living (what she refers to as #nottaxidermy)   She has several beautiful special needs dogs and turtles.  She posts videos you will just love!  Anyway, she’s a super sweet lady that I have grown fond of over they last 4 or 5 years.  I think you’ll like her too.


Comes in a 5g container.   Measures about 1.5 grams by weight.  No sifter
As with all cosmetics please test on a small area first in case in allergies occur.

Eye Model : BiohazardousBeauty



mica, titanium dioxide,
iron oxide, silica,
magnesium myristate

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Weight 0.03 kg

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ell (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate, if you are, about adding this to your eyeshadow collection! It can go slightly redder, or browner, depending on your base. You can get a somewhat gentler green shift, or stronger with a sticky base. I noticed very little fading over time (I use a setting spray), and its consistency in the jar is super easy to work with. Neither did I notice much fallout at all. This and Trepanation in certain combinations is perfection for me.
    It works on its own, or in combination with others. A new favourite? A new favourite!

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