Myotonic Highlight VEGAN


Released 2/1/19  Part of the “What Kind of Goat is This?” It’s Whatever box

“Myotonic Goat: The myotonic goat, otherwise known as the fainting goat, is a domestic goat that temporarily seizes when it feels panic. If startled by sudden movements or loud noises, they will attempt to escape from the disturbance, generally followed by a startle reaction. In more severe cases, this reaction results in strong tetanic contractions of the agonist and antagonist muscles, causing an uncontrolled stiffness that may cause the goat to remain “frozen” in the position that it was in previous to the attack, or cause it to fall to the ground on its side. During an attack, which may last from 5-20 seconds, the goat can often be picked up without any bending or movement occurring in its body. In the case of goats that are less severely affected with the condition, there may be some minor localized stiffness observed in the legs, however, they are still capable of running away. This behavior is caused by a hereditary genetic disorder called myotonia congenita. The myotonic goat, similar to humans with congenital myotonia, exhibits no obvious muscle wasting, is rarely incapacitated by the condition, and lives a normal and healthy life span.”- wikipedia

Myotonic is a baby blue with a pink orange shift.

Comes in a 15g jar with a sifter.  Measures about 3.5g by weight

As with all cosmetics, please test on a small area first in case allergies occur.







mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide, kaolin clay, silicon dioxide, ultramarines, magnesium myristate



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Weight .05 kg


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