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So my dear sweet innocent mom thought WTF meant “Wednesday Thursday Friday”
In honor of how awesomely cute that is, I created this set of neutrals. Perfect for your mom (who probably thinks the same thing) or any other sweet non eff word dropping lady in your life!

Thursday is the main color and is a warm brown. Wednesday is the lighter version and great for highlights and your browbone. Friday is the darkest shade and looks great in the crease when combined with the other two colors, or makes an awesome smoky eye all by itself!

Each color comes in a 5 gram jar without a sifter. Measures about 1.5 grams by weight.

Now go give your mom a hug! And tell your friends about this too! My mom is making me give her 10% of the sales price for “teasing” her

Eye Model : BiohazardousBeauty



mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide, yellow no 5 lake, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid,  copper powder, silicon dioxide, magnesium myristate

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