DISCLAIMER:  I do NOT now nor have I ever sold or made liquid lipstick.  If you are here  about an order you placed for lipstick, please refer to your order for that companies contact information.  This is a different company than mine and I have no affiliation with them.

Yes, it is very confusing that they have chosen a name so similar to mine.

I have been making cosmetics under the My Pretty Zombie name since 2010.  I have no intention of changing it.

Thank you for understanding.

Where is my shit?

You want your stuff…I want to send it to you!  This is the process:

I make everything by hand myself.  This takes some time.  When your order is finished and ready for shipping, I will mark it as “Complete” on my website and you will get an email confirming this status.  I print out shipping labels through Paypal.  I ship to the address Paypal provides.  If you want an order shipped to a different person or address, please add that address in Paypal when you check out.  Once your order is packaged and taped up, I’m no longer looking at the invoice.  Make sure it’s correct.  Once your label is printed, you will receive a tracking number from Paypal.  Check your junk mail folder in your Paypal email if you can’t locate it.  If you still can’t find it, email me your name and order number and I will find it for you.  Packages ship the next business day after the label is printed.

No updates to your package after shipping?  Has it gotten stuck in USPS Limbo?  If it’s been a week without any movement, email me with all the info and I will be happy to file a missing mail search for you.  This usually will get them moving.  I also recommend signing up for text alerts with your tracking number.

International Orders:

Yes, I ship there.  Sorry, its expensive.  I only charge actual shipping costs, no extra handling fees.  If you’re getting an error message at checkout, please email me to make sure your country is on my list.  I have to add them individually.   I do not know what the customs rules are for your country.  You are responsible for any customs or duties fees.  I will not lie about the value of your package or mark it as a gift.  Thanks for understanding!

What is your turn around time?

Turn around time is the time from when your order is placed until it leaves my hands.  It does not include shipping time.  I work a full time “REAL JOB”. Due to current order volume, I package and prepare orders multiple times through the week.   You will receive a notice from paypal with tracking info the night before your order ships. The exception to this would be for orders that only contain samples. For small sample orders, I ship in a normal envelope with a stamp. You will not have tracking info. I do this to keep the shipping price as low as I can. If you need your order by a specific date, I will do my best to accommodate you!  The current turn around time is posted at the top of every page.  Expect longer wait times during sales and special events.

Do you have coupons/ a sale going on/ discounts etc
I have big sales normally twice a year. I post this info on the Facebook page and Instagram along with any coupon codes or other specials going on.

Are your products Vegan and/or Cruelty Free?
My products are not entirely Vegan. All Products that are Vegan are listed as such in the ingredients. If you have a question about what is or isn’t Vegan, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
All Products are Cruelty Free and tested only on people, not on animals. Any products that you see worn by animals have been subjected to human testing first.

Is this eyeshadow lip safe or is this blush eye safe?
All products are eye safe. However, some products have ingredients that are not lip safe. I’m working on updating my ingredients labels to indicate if an eyeshadow is lip safe. In the meantime, please DO NOT apply any of my products to your lips.

Why haven’t I heard of you until now?
Well, I’ve been around awhile. I first opened my My Pretty Zombie as an etsy store in July 2008 to sell my hand painted zombie barbies. I began making cosmetics under the MPZ or My Pretty Zombie name in May 2010. I left etsy in October 2013 after starting my own website. You can read the feedback for my etsy here

As far as advertising goes, I don’t do much of it. As an old hipster myself, I dislike things that other people like. I’ve run my company that same way. There is something that is so appealing to me about being small time and underground. I love that I get new customers because someone loved my stuff enough to share it with them.  I’m not in this for the money. I do it because I love the art and the excitement of coming up with something totally new and weird.  I get excited when people tell me they never used to wear makeup, and now its fun again. I love that a color named Anthrax could be my top seller. I love my loyal customers, new and old. Thank You!


Orders of less than 12 samples (without additional products) will be shipped in a plain envelope without tracking information.  I do this to keep your price as low as possible.  In order to provide a tracking number I would have to charge a minimum of $1.93 for domestic orders.

In the USA up to 12 samples will ship for 71 cents

International Orders will ship for $2.25.

Due to recent experiences, I will no longer be replacing lost or damaged orders of 12 samples or less.   This has never been a problem until very recently, and I do not want to raise the prices for everyone.  Please order at your own risk.

I’ll be adding more questions as you ask them or I think of them…I love to hear from you Dollfaces so don’t hesitate to contact me!